January 28, 2008

Beating the Democrats

People believe that John McCain is the only one who can beat Hillary. He ran an ad to that effect over the weekend in Florida and maybe he's right. He's a war hero and has 20 years of experience in Washington. He's also proven himself to be really good at playing dirty, just like the Clintons. He told a flat out lie over the weekend about Mitt Romney, his lie was exposed and he repeated the lie again today on Fox News. Talk about Chutzpah! I guess if you're a politician that tell's a lie enough times it somehow becomes the truth. The Clinton's know all about that kind of thing. There are so many Republicans that despise Hillary, if it ends up being McCain vs. Clinton in the general election, Repubicans will do just what McCain's mother said and hold their noses and vote for McCain. I know I'd prefer McCain over Clinton (or Obama, for that matter).

But what happens if Hillary doesn't get nominated? Then we're going up against Barack Obama. The media loves Barack Obama, way more than they like John McCain. They only like McCain because to them he's more in line with their ideology than any of those other icky Republicans. But once the primaries are over they'll turn on him. Especially if Obama is the Democrat's candidate. People think Obama is a nice guy, has a nice family, and is someone they can trust. He gives speeches that make people feel hopeful and inspired. He certainly isn't going to rile up the Republican base to get out and vote against him the way Hillary will.

If you have McCain as the nominee, a person who is disliked by half your party, running against Barack Obama, what happens then? A lot of Republicans might think "Why go out and vote for McCain? Obama seems like a decent guy. I don't really need to vote." I won't do that, but a lot of people will.

When it comes to Mitt Romney, if the NY Times and the rest of the MSM dislikes him he must be doing something right. He's a Republican who was elected governor in a very liberal state, so you can't say he isn't electable. He's spent a great deal of his own money on his campaign, so nobody can accuse him of owing anything to anyone. You also have to admit that he has a certain presidential look about him that Americans respond to in the voting booth. He's taking some flak for changing positions on some issues, but at least he hasn't gone around sticking his finger in the eyes of the very people he's trying to win over in the primary.


patti said...

I think maybe you are calling the wrong one a lier. Dirty Tricks?that is what the Dems. fall back on when they aren't winning. They cry like a sissy and say you are using Dirty Tricks. Romney!! Man UP!!!
I don't think your Right Wing Loons will vote for Obama for many reasons,but the one that stands out to me is the fact that he is Pro Abortion. John McCain is not. He never has been. National Security and the right to life are the major reasons I am voteing for McCain. Romney is a flip flop on the Abortion issue and has no experience on National Security.
As far as John McCains mother is concerned, give her a break..shes 95yrs. old. Not nice to pick on old people.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Why is it that commenting on something his mom said (she's right) is picking on her? Or pointing out someone's record is "attacking" that person, but lying about someone (a lie by omission is still a lie) is okay?