January 28, 2008

State of the Union

President Bush delivered his final S.O.T.U. speech this evening. I thought it was okay. I have to apologize, one of my little fellas got out of bed during the part of the speech regarding the economy. So I can't give you much information about that, but I did find out from Frank Luntz on Fox News that his focus group liked it.

Isn't it funny is seeing Nancy Pelosi sitting next to Dick Cheney? They both looked sort of sleepy, at least until the camera found Ted Kennedy, Charles Grassly (R-Iowa) and John Dingell (D-Michigan) who were all sound asleep!

The most ironic part of the evening was how all of the pork barrel, bacon sucking politicians in that room cheered for reforms in the earmarking process.

Senator Barack Obama looked offended when President Bush mentioned consumer choice being part of the health care debate. Heaven forbid the individual should have any say in their own well being. Hillary just looked smug the whole time.

San Fran Nancy Pelosi didn't seem to like the idea of children getting out of failing public schools, helping people find jobs (then they won't depend on the government), nuclear power or following the Constitution. She looked downright ill when the President talked about charitable giving and faith based charities. And of course the thought of saving Social Security is quite offensive to her. So is the Millenium Challenge. Really, who wants accountability for the billions of dollars we spread around the world? Geez. She really looked uncomfortable when the President talked about the preamble to the Constitution. I guess the preamble isn't a "living and breathing document" like the Constitution.

I can't leave out how the Democrats all clapped when asked to thank those that have protected us from a terrorist attack since 911. Unfortunately for us, they forgot to applaud when the President asked them to make sure we continue to be protected. "Mr. President! We can't stomp on the rights of Americans talking to terrorists!"

All the talk about the surge in Iraq bringing success seemed a bit tedious to them. They all liked it when President Bush talked about reducing green house gasses. But why did he have to go and say that other countries also need to be held accountable. "Dude-you just killed my buzz!"

Thankfully, there was unanimous support for supporting our troops. They just don't want to fund the troops. Oh well, you can't win them all.

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