February 4, 2008

Nanny Alert!

The nannies are at it again. I heard today on Paul Harvey that several law makers in Mississippi have proposed a law that would make it illegal for restaurants to serve fat people. Yes, you heard me right. They actually want to legislate that you must discrimate against a certain group of people. Didn't a lot of people fight and die so this kind of thing can't happen?

The law is not likely to pass. But once these wacky laws get proposed they tend to gain momentum and then you'll hear about it in places like New York and California where everyone thinks it's a great idea.

So, who would decide who is fat and who is not? If you can pinch an inch can you dine? Will the hostess be armed with a tape measure and figure out your BMI before granting you a table and a menu? Maybe they will install little doors, and if you can't squeeze through no food for you. What about pregnant women, or recently pregnant women? Will they need a doctors note to snag a seat? What if you just want a salad with dressing on the side? What about those of us who are not fat yet? If we eat at the restaurants enough times will we become fat? Will someone keep a record, and send us away when we've reached our limit? Who will enforce the law? The obese police?

Be afraid-the nannies are coming soon to a town near you.


Mike said...

Since I manage a Mickey D's, if I serve a fat person a Large size Big Mac Meal chased down with a large diet soda, will I be thrown in jail? It's a slippery down hill ride in this country once things getting going.

terry said...

The ninnies must hate you, Mike.