February 1, 2008

New Poll

I've put up a new poll to find out who my tens of readers like in the GOP primary. I apologize to any Ron Paul supporters for leaving him out last time. The field was a little crowded then.

I've done some reading on Dr. Paul and I do like his Libertarian streak. You gotta love a guy that loves the Constitution. But I'm a realist, and he doesn't have much of a chance and I disagree with him on one or two little issues.

One more thing-don't forget to read the comments at the end of each post. The McCain vs. Romney debate rages on! Feel free to jump in an add your comments! The more the merrier! All are welcome in the world of the Lonely Conservative!

1 comment:

Mo said...

So you're a realist, eh. How's this for "real" ?!?... $9.2+ trillion deficit, $55+ trillion Social Security shortfall, $280+ trillion in future Medicare liability and $275 million every DAY we're in Iraq conducting an illegal war.

Every candidate except Ron Paul will reduce spending and return money to the people who can have the best effect on the economy... taxpayers. You say you're a "Lonely Republican" and I believe that's true.

As we march forward toward November, it is very likely you will find your "flavor" of Republicanism a more lonely place. Statistically, Ron Paul is a SHOOTING STAR and I expect this trend to continue.

You heard it here first, folks...

Ron Paul for the Long Haul!