February 19, 2008

News of the Day

While campaigning Hillary Clinton slammed hedge fund managers saying that they don't do real work. Ironically, her daughter, Chelsea is a hedge fund manager.

Say Adios to Fidel Castro who has announced his retirement. Unfortunately, his communist brother is taking his place, so don't expect big changes in Cuba any time soon.

Hooray for the Supreme Court! Today they refused to hear an ACLU challenge to warrantless wiretapping.The ACLU brought the action on behalf of themselves. They said they could have had overseas clients who could have been targets of the wiretapping. We can count this one as a win for the good guys.

ABC News is reporting that exit polls in Wisconsin show that Democrats want "change". I hope they didn't spend too much on that poll.

Although Hillary Clinton's campaign posted You Tube videos of Obama lifting rhetoric from another liberal, she denied it and said that the media is finally examining her opponent's record. I think she has finally completely lost her mind. The media is examining Obama's record? That's a good one.

After John McCain pledged that there would be no new taxes if he is elected president he picked up a glowing endorsement from former President George H.W. Bush. Let's hope that's not some kind of omen.

Barack Obama gave a speech about hope and change. I hope he changes his campaign theme. Ugh.

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