February 27, 2008

The NY GOP Looks Bleak

There was a special election yesterday for a NY State Senate seat. The district included Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties, not the sort of places that usually attract a ton of campaign cash. But this race was different and it was nasty. The Republicans hold a very slim majority on the NY State Sentate. The Governor is a Democrat and the Assembly is controlled by Democrats.

For what seemed like months the airwaves were filled with constant, nasty attack ads by both candidates. The Democrat won, so now the Republicans have only a 2 seat majority.

Our party is self destructing. Maybe it's necessary. I think the GOP in NY needs to purge itself of the old and bring in some new people with new ideas. Recently the Onondaga County Executive retired. The local Republican party picked their guy and he lost in the primary. But then what do you know? The Republican candidate won in the general election!

I think in the future, when the NY Republican party picks their candidate, I will vote in the primary for whoever runs against that candidate. That is the only way I can see Republicans ever succeed in NY.

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