March 10, 2008

Eliot Spitzer - Hookergate

News is breaking regarding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D). The oh-so righteous one is caught up in a prostitution ring. This is the great agent of change recently sold to NY. I guess when he was prosecuting these people as AG he was getting a little on the side. What a hypocrite. I can't even say I hope he resigns because I've heard that the Lietenant Governor is more liberal than he is. (Paterson believes that police should "shoot to wound" rather than "shoot to kill"). Whatever happens, at least this should put a wrench in Spitzer's plans for NY, like raising fees, taxes and the state budget.

Update: It was rumored that Governor Spitzer is going to resign this evening at 7:00. Later it was reported that his office said we won't hear from him tonight. He's trying to avoid prosecution. He'll probably cop a feel, I mean, a plea, check into rehab and then sign a multi-million dollar book deal.

Another report indicates that it was Spitzer's odd transfers of money that started this whole thing. You would think the guy would know better. I'm sure he'll say he's a sex addict before going into rehab. To view the full complaint click here. "Client 9" begins on page 34.

What an awful thing to do to his wife and children. What is it with these politicians who act this way and then have their wives stand there next to them. I noticed at the very end of his news conference that as soon as they were past the curtain his wife got away from him as fast as she could. It's very sad for his family.


Governor Spitzer said...

Well at least I wasn't have gay sex like most Republicans get caught doing

The Lonely Conservative said...

Can you say Gerry Studds? And isn't it anti-liberal to make fun of gay people?

Anonymous said...

This is a SAD disgusting story. There isn't anything political about it.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Sure it's political. He was the top law enforcement officer in NY State. He made a name for himself prosecuting these things. He broke several federal laws. How is that not political?

It's sad for his family, but he apparently wasn't thinking about how they feel.