March 29, 2008

Finally some good news. Charges were dropped against one of the Haditha marines. Click here for more on this story. Is anyone else sick of the left trying to make our soldiers and marines out to be monsters? Let's hope that all charges are dropped against all of these marines.

Here is a great article about the new deal and those calling for a new new deal. It hits the nail right on the head. Big government doesn't solve problems and never did.

If Spitzer, AKA Client 9, didn't resign after being caught up in the prostitution ring, he probably would have faced impeachment for his other dirty tricks. Click here for the full story.

Politicians keep promising more and more so that they can get elected. Before you buy into it read this. We can't afford the programs we already have. How can they even think about adding more? It is truly mind boggling.

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