March 24, 2008


I'm sick of Barack Obama and I'm sick of writing about him. But then I come across stories like this one and I just can't keep myself from commenting. He doesn't like labels like "liberal", that's just so passe. Just because he says he doesn't want to be called what he is doesn't mean that he isn't. Would he prefer Marxist? If we get rid of labels how do we know what we're buying?

I would label Oprah Winfrey "AWOL" since the story of Barack's pastor began airing. Why isn't she out there defending him? Could it be because she left that church years ago?

While we're on the subject of labels, perhaps "misleader" would be a good one for Hillary Clinton. It seems that she misspoke when she remembered landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. Just remember to suspend misbelief when you hear her speak from now on. Then there won't be any more misunderstandings.

There are a number of labels we could apply to the Democratic Party these days. Inept, blundering and bungling all come to mind. It's been delightful to witness.

When it comes to John McCain "shortsighted" may be appropriate. Did he have any idea that McCain-Feingold would bring him this $350 million problem?

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