March 14, 2008

Meet Barack Obama's Spiritual Advisor

Barack Obama says that this guy is like an unlce that's embarrassing. If so, why has he referred to him as his spiritual advisor? Why did he choose to go to his church for 20 years? Why did he choose him to baptize his children? This guy is a racist and he hates America. Maybe now we know why Barack Obama thinks America needs to change.


patti said...

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been Obamas spiritual leader for at least twenty yrs.
He married the Obamas and as you said baptized his children.

Anybody that really thinks that race is not a factor in this election is living in la-la-land. I know for sure that white republicans and many dems. will not pull the lever for Obama in Nov.

I watched McCain last night and thought he did well.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Hi! This guy is terrible. I guess it's ok to be racist as long as it's directed towards white people.

I thought he did well, too. I only wish he would change his mind about ANWR.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could change his mind about about a lot of things. If he has changed his mind about illegal immigration, why does he still have that open border-amnesty Mexican on his campaign team? He isn't much more honest than the Dems.