March 18, 2008

The Speech

Even if you didn't listen to Barack Obama's speech today, if you have watched any news programs you've heard about it. I had chills run down my spine listening to what he had to say. Not because of the racial aspect. The pundits have been all over that, so I'll leave that part to them. The aspect of his speech that was bone chilling to me was what a hard-core socialist he is.

He said that "our country is more than the sum of its parts." Does he mean that the rights of the individual are trumped by collective rights? He blamed conservatives for the problems of Americans, rather than liberal politicians whose policies keep people dependent upon the government. What about personal and parental responsibility?

He couldn't help but to throw in how a company will "ship your job overseas for nothing more than a profit" and that people "deserve" good jobs. And don't forget that not having health insurance is an "injustice". Does this man fail to understand that a government cannot force an inventor to invent? Just as they cannot force and investor to invest or an entrepreneur to start a business. People do these things for a profit! Plain and simple.

Barack Obama does want to change America. He is anti-capitalist. He fails to recognize that capitalist economies are the strongest economies or that a rising tide lifts all boats. He'll tax the rich and go after profits, not recognizing that the corporate tax rates in the US are the highest in the world. Did it ever occur to him that maybe that's why companies move overseas?

If he goes after profits and "the rich" who is going to be around to give jobs to people? Who will pay the taxes that will fund all of his programs? Why is nobody asking him these questions?

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