April 14, 2008

Hey All You Gun Toting Racists!

Do you live in a small town in America? If so, there is a Democratic presidential candidate that thinks you are nothing more than a bitter, bible thumping, gun toting, clingy bigot. At least that's what he tells his $2400 per plate San Francisco supporters.

He's such a complete left-wing elitist, he's making Hillary look like a conservative. To go out and show how much like us small town folks she is, Hillary guzzled some beer and then threw down a shot of whiskey. So of course, Sen. Obama called her Annie Oakley.

To my fellow conservatives I say "Just sit back and enjoy the show."

1 comment:

Bitter.in.Pa said...

Tonight I think Im going to go shoot something,then read my Bible. Maybe later I'll abuse a mexican or two. I live in Pa. and thats what we do here.