April 27, 2008

John Stossel-Arianna Huffington Interview

Did you catch John Stossel's interview of Arianna Huffington Friday night? I always enjoy his columns in Townhall.com and watching 20/20 when he is on, so I had to tune in for the interview with that buffoon, Arianna Huffington.

People like her crack me up. She had a Prius in the driveway of her mansion, as if the Prius somehow makes her less of a hypocrite about global warming. She even said that sometimes she just has to ride in private jets. Ariana called us conservatives the "lunatic fringe". Apparently, if you do not believe that high taxes and socialism will save the world you are a lunatic.

I wonder if she believes she was a lunatic when she was a Republican. I have a feeling that in her mind, anyone who disagrees with her is a lunatic. John Stossel showed her graphs and charts demonstrating how the policies she advocates don't work. At least she didn't try to refute his facts, she just said that even if poverty has been reduced, it wasn't fast enough, blah, blah, blah.

In her mind, programs that reduce poverty substantially are not good enough. So she advocates going back to policies that keep people impoverished. Now all the liberal bloggers are mad at John Stossel, it's pretty funny. HuffPo's blog has the video, the comments underneath are funny. One person called it a "conservative hit job". Daily Kos is even worse, they drop more F-bombs than anyone I have ever known. But we're the lunatics.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Believe what you want. I think it's hilarious they actually edit her midsentence and he talks more than she does and he brings his own charts. Well, who can argue with a chart? It's a chart!

He should have just interviewed himself.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Anon-Can't you at least admit that someone living in a mansion has no business telling me to conserve energy? She probably uses more energy on that home in a day than I use in a month. Dont get me wrong, I don't begrudge someone having a large home, I just want them to shut up and stop telling me how to live.