April 8, 2008

Nitwit Democrats Strike Again

Senators Clinton and Obama are both on the record against the new trade deal being worked out with our South American ally, Columbia. They plan to vote against it so they can keep the unions happy.

This is another example of stupid democrats being stupid just to get votes. What on earth could they have against this deal?

The primary impact of the U.S.-Colombia TPA will be increased U.S. exports to Colombia as a result of enhanced U.S. access to the Colombian market. U.S. imports from Colombia are not expected to grow significantly as a result of trade liberalization under the TPA because most Colombian products already enter the U.S. market free of duty. In 2005, approximately 90 percent of the value of U.S. imports from Colombia entered free of duty either unconditionally or under the Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA) or other U.S. provisions. Nevertheless, by making ATPA duty-free treatment permanent, the TPA could create additional incentives for investment in export-oriented industries in Colombia. Click here for the full report.

This is a good deal. It helps US companies and the US economy. Senators Obama and Clinton are going to stick their thumbs in the eye of a strong US ally for what? For votes, that's what. That's all they care about. They couldn't care less about the US economy or a US ally.

Obama is calling for talks with Iran, you know, the same ones who are keeping busy expanding their uranium enrichment capabilities. The same ones who want to wipe Israel off of the map. The same ones arming terrorists that are killing our military. That's who Obama wants to talk to.

But the Columbians, an ally that is up against the likes of Hugo Chavez, he'll sell them down the river for a few votes.


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Shaman Wind said...

Obama continues to amaze me. And the people who follow him baffle me. Iran has been committed to violence since the Ayatollah took over after the Shaw.
If one learns anything in school, smooth talking a bully is pointless. Maybe Obama was invisible in school, or maybe his mixed race kept people from picking on him. That is one lesson he did not learn.
The man is a buffoon. Loosely translated that means CLOWN.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Obama is a buffoon, that's for sure! So is Hillary:o)