May 29, 2008

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less - Update

According to the American Solutions Blog they already have 100,000 signatures to their petition urging Congress to adopt a sensible energy policy, including lifting a moratorium on domestic drilling and oil production. They would like to have 200,000 signatures by next week.

This is one of those times when normal people like you and me have a say in the direction of our country. If enough of us act they will have no choice but to do something. Click here to sign the petition. Tell your friends and family members to sign it. If you have a blog go to the petition page and copy the code to post their widget on your website.

Enough of you spoke up about the amnesty bill and it worked. It's time to speak up again and bring our elected representatives to their senses.


Zorro said...

Congress come to their senses? Who is John Galt? After this election, it won't matter as all these hopeless canditates are against us anyway. They like Chavez better.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Okay, maybe they won't come to their senses but if they find out Americans are really mad at them they might do it to save their jobs.