May 15, 2008

GOP On Demand

Well, here's the big deal that has been chattering about all week. They say move over, moveon. This is the grass roots, bottom up, Republican place to go to be heard. I wish them luck and hope it works out.

GOP On Demand


S.A. Andrews said...

Took a quick look, sounds like a ploy to get money. When they announce a new platform with support from national, state, and local leaders including the presumptive nominee, I might go back to the site. Until then, they can dream on if they think I'll give them a dime.
I am from Missouri-- Show Me.

The Lonely Conservative said...

You could be right, who knows. If it's a place conservatives can vent and the party will actually listen, then it can't hurt. But I won't be handing them any money either.