May 23, 2008

Hillary's Big Gaffe

Earlier today Hillary Clinton brought up the assassination of Bobby Kennedy as a reason for her to stay in the race. Is this some sort of Bin-Laden like code to her followers? Creepy.

Full story: Hillary Raises Assassination Issue


sheldon said...

At this point she'll say anything. A popular vote would have kept this circus from happening. That's why they are so disconnected from the general public. Their own kind are the ones ultimately voting. Our vote is just a tactic to keep us under control. They are afraid of what the popular vote would lead to. Oh yeah... That would result in what we actually want.

S.A. Andrews said...

Too weird, I thought the same thing. "Hey, Bubba, time to get up here and take care of him." While that may be too sinister for event WJ & HR, positioning herself for an Independent run does not. That statement may be another attempt to rule out her VP-ship. Once scorned she can justify tearing the party apart. ???? possible ????