May 20, 2008

National Health Care Question

I keep waiting for someone to do a poll asking the following:

Do you work because your job provides health insurance?

If so, will you quit, retire or scale back your hours if the US government provided you with health insurance?

Think about how many people put off retirement until Medicare kicks in because they don't have enough money saved to pay for health insurance. How many families with both parents working have one of those parents working to provide health insurance for their family?

I don't know if anyone has asked what will happen if wage earners stop earning wages if they no longer need health insurance. Those wage earners will either stop paying income tax, or pay less in taxes. If they are replaced by their employers, chances are if they were long-term employees they will be replaced with people earning less money, thereby reducing the tax base.

Will we need permission to stop working, retire or cut back to part time work?

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