May 18, 2008

Obama's Politics of Fear

Why is it when Republicans or conservatives point out the naivete of Barack Obama's foreign policy plans they're accused of using "politics of fear". Barack Obama on the campaign trail was doing exactly that, warning seniors that Senator McCain will "threaten" social security. But you won't hear a word from the MSM about Obama's fear mongering. More on this story.

On a side note, it looks like the Obama and Clinton camps are working behind the scenes to try to find a way to unify the party after the primary comes to a close. That may be tough, large numbers of Hillary's supporters have said they will vote for John McCain if Obama is the nominee. Many women's groups for Hillary are so angry they have said they will leave the Democratic party.

On the right, we have Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calling for the Republican party to change it's brand. Although I agree the Republican brand has been severely tarnished, I disagree that becoming more liberal is what the party needs to do. The Republicans get into trouble when they start embracing liberal policies and ideas. RINO's are not the answer.


Zorro said...

Perhaps the Reps. should change their brang back to being Republicans again. Remember 1994?

The Lonely Conservative said...

I guess they think they can just re-define Republican. Let's see where that gets them.