June 9, 2008

Fred Thompson's Hershey, PA Speech

Fred Thompson gave a speech Friday in Hershey PA and Townhall has the transcript. Maybe he can give John McCain some pointers on what to say to win over conservatives and Americans in general. He began the speech pointing out the principles upon which our nation was founded.
From these principles we developed a market economy, with the rule of law, a system of trade with other nations, and a strong national defense. From the prosperity, freedom and strength that came from this system we became a friend and example to all those around the world who aspired to those same things. We won wars, including the Cold War, and enhanced world stability and a friendlier environment within which others could pursue their own freedom. This of course enhanced our own security as Americans.

But today many of the principles that made our country great are under assault. Some of our fellow Republicans say that things are different now and we must change with the times. We recognize that appropriate change is necessary, just as the conservative thinker Edmund Burke did when he supported the American Revolution.

However we must ask those who would modify our principles, “When did freedom and liberty become outdated?” Then, “What part of our Constitutional framework needs to be abandoned?”

Maybe he was referring to Barack Obama who, in a recent speech said he wants to "re-make this great nation". If it's so great, Barry, why do you feel the need to remake it?


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It would be nice to see Fred on the ticket.

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