June 28, 2008

It's the Congress, Stupid

Everyone's attention is on the Presidential campaigns. Nobody's paying much attention to Congressional campaigns. Who we send to Congress is just as important as who we elect to be our next President. As we have seen, the current Congress is worse than useless.

Even if McCain is elected, with a Democratic majority we won't see any new refineries, nuclear power plants or domestic oil drilling. I keep hearing that Republicans are going to lose House and Senate seats this fall. Maybe that's correct, but I would argue it's too soon to tell.

Let's support conservative Congressional candidates. I have a link for Dale Sweetland who is running for the open House seat in my district. Dale is in favor of drilling domestically.

I was contacted by a backer of Hazelton, PA Mayor Lou Barletta who is running for Congress against 12 term Democratic incumbent Paul Kanjorski. I remember hearing about Lou Barletta because he's the mayor who cracked down on illegal immigration. He is also for a sensible energy policy.

Neither of these candidates is a "Washington Insider". These are the sort of people we need to send to Congress this fall. If you know of any others please let me know and I will post links to their websites as well.

Links: Lou Barletta-Congress 2008, Sweetland 08


Carl said...

Thank you for helping spread the word about Lou.
It amazes me that some people tell me "Well,how does this affect me,I can't vote for the guy?"

It's just that sort of attitude that gave the Democrats control of Congress in thr first place!

If there is a candidate anywhere you stands up for what you beleive in that person needs and deserves your support.

The Lonely Conservative said...

You've got that right. I also love the Poconos, we used to go there every summer when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Dale Sweetland was the County Chairman of the 7th highest taxed county in the entire country.

Careful how you define Conservative. The guy is fiscally irresponsible and intellectually quite limited.

The Lonely Conservative said...

The high taxes were here long before he was in office. Have they been reduced since he left? Nope. I live in this county. I pay taxes. I know.

Anonymous said...

Its been 6 months since he left - give it a chance.

One of the biggest mistakes the Cnservative movement makes is supporting fiscally irresponsible Republicans like Dale.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Anonymous-are you suggesting that conservatives should represent a far left Democrat like Dan Maffei?

Anonymous said...

Not at all. What I'm saying is that there is a big difference between Conservatives and Republicans. You seem to support him because he is a Republican without knowing much about his positions on the issues. His track record is poor on the issues and I won't vote for someone simply because he is the lesser of two evils. If he wants my vote he'll have to earn it.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I understand your sentiment. The most important issue to most Americans right know is gas prices. Sweetland states he is in favor of drilling here at home, his opponent is against that idea.

Anonymous said...

I think Dale Sweetland would be a fresh addition to Congress.