June 1, 2008

Low Info Voters - the new Soccer Moms?

Newsweek has an article called Just How Low Will They Go? With 'elitist' a choice slur, candidates are trying to win over the new 'It' demographic: 'low-info voters.'

The candidates are making appearances on shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Regis and Kelly, hoping to woo voters who don't really follow politics.

For better or worse, it's moments like these that get many people to tune in to the campaign. "I do think people feel badly that they can't tell you more about the economy, foreign policy, Iraq, who their representatives are," says Harvey Levin, executive producer of TMZ.com, a celeb-obsession Web site that is covering the candidates the same way it does movie stars. "They probably wish they could … but it's just so damn boring for them."

So there we have it, our next presidential election will be decided by people who don't know or care what the candidates stand for.


S.A. Andrews said...

Would it be too broad a generalization to say the media has taken over the mind of America. I know it sounds trite just like everything else on TV. Fact is people get all there buying info and general news from the media. While the internet may help, how many actually read anything from a fringe source, where ideas might differ.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Unfortunately the media decides what it wants the people to know. Most folks either don't have the time or they don't want to take the time to find out what's really going on.