June 30, 2008

Obama on Patriotism

Barack Obama gave another flowery speech, this time on patriotism. As usual, I had to read the transcript, because A) I have a job and B) his speeches really annoy me.

He starts out by reminding us that a revolution was fought against the tyranny of an Empire for the sake of liberty. It's too bad he doesn't really understand the definition of liberty. I doubt the founders of our great nation were fighting to create a government to be the great Robin Hood of the world. He said we need to think about our commitments not just to our nation, but to each other. Hmm....can you say "collectivist" anyone?

He asks how in this global economy we will ensure "the winners maintain allegiance to the less fortunate". I'd like to know his definition of "winner". Are "winners" the people who work hard, pay their bills and save for their retirement? Who is the "less fortunate". The person who doesn't hold a steady job, buys a home he cannot afford, runs up his credit cards and skips out on his kids? Whose job is it to define "winner" and "less fortunate". Will he set up a committee?

Obama then reminisces about the culture wars of the 1960's and the "so-called counter-culture" who were "burning flags" and "blaming America for all that was wrong with the world". Who is he talking about? His good buddies William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn? He left out the part about bombing American institutions.

Of course he had to include "America's imperfections". Has he given a speech where he doesn't bring up our "imperfections?" He said we have an obligation to help our fellow citizens pursue their dreams. His choice of words is notable - rather than allowing our fellow citizens to pursue their dreams, he believes we must help them pursue their dreams.

As usual, he denigrated the Iraqis and bashed rich people. I agree with him on one point, that our government has put off much needed changes to our energy policy. He just seems to forget that it is his party keeping us from realizing energy independence.


WomanHonorThyself said...

great read...if he wins..our nation as we know it is over!

Russ said...

"Winners" are those who have been blessed to grow up wealthy and well educated in America. These people have worked hard to make the most of the opportunities they have been afforded and should not be demonized for this. "Losers" are those who were not afforded those same opportunities, growing up in poor urban areas, in single parent homes, or abusive and drug addicted parents. Like it or not these people are predisposed to remain on the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

"Patriots" as Obama see's it, are those who understand that there own prosperity is not born in themselves, but in the opportunities this great Country has provided them. These "patriots" feel compelled to share help others recieve the same opportunities so they can lift themselves up and we can all prosper.

The Lonely Conservative said...

The "war on poverty" has been going on for decades, with billions spent to help the poor. Now their are more poor people and more people dependent on the government. How is it productive to tell these kids they will never amount to anything without the help of the government.

Millions of Americans grew up poor and found a way to be successful without the help of government.

Kids need to be told their future is not tied to their parents, but to their willingness to work hard and make the right choices. Don't tell them they're losers.

ZORRO said...


Russ said...

I will concede the point that our government has done a poor job handling the war on poverty, if you will concede the point that those with much helping those with little is the good Christian thing to do.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Did you hear about the liberal professor from Syracuse University who did a study to find out who gives the most to charity? Surprise! It was by far - conservatives, even poor conservatives. Most of us don't mind helping people that need help. We just know the government is a terrible steward of our money.

S.A. Andrews said...
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S.A. Andrews said...

That is the critical point here, LC, 'the government is a terrible steward of our money.'
Actually, they have become terrible at everything and who keeps electing them? We do. Time to get out the word, our legislators need to be replaced. After that we should fire all the government employees and hire them based on merit.

S.A. Andrews said...

For those interested in the core of obama's message check out-- http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaWorks.htm

The Chicago section describes his role as an organizer and the methods used. Within his speeches are the same messages.

The Lonely Conservative said...

SA-Unfortunately, too many of our fellow citizens are more interested in how the government can solve their problems. Unwittingly, their votes only make the problems of all Americans worse.