June 21, 2008

Obama's Energy Policy

If Obama and the Democrats have their way, we'll all tool around in the Smart Fortwo car. I don't know what those of us with kids will do, maybe it comes with a sidecar. We'll get skinny, because not too many grocery bags will fit in this little sportster. Those grocery bags are bad for the environment anyway, so it's a win-win situation for everybody.


S.A. Andrews said...

The term most commonly used to describe those cars is "cute." They work well in Europe where the most of the city streets are narrow. Many people take public transportation, bike or walk to work. While Germany has the autobahn it's not for going to work every day.
Out here, it's the interstate every day, where speeds reach over 80. The chances of surviving in one of those is low. Maybe that's their overall ploy reduction of the middle class.

Bill said...

First of all, the Smartcar is but one example of fuel efficient motoring. There are many more and more to come.

Is there anything more absurd than using a 5,000 lb vehicle to transport a 200 lb man? Only a tiny percentage of the energy value in a gallon of gas is used to transport the driver.

Keep in mind that internally combusting a gallon of gasoline results in 19 pounds of CO2 going into the atmosphere.

I have felt for years that Enterprise and other car rental firms could do a big business renting Suburbans and other high-slung, overweight vehicles. "When you need a porker, rent one."

Colin Chapman once said, "To add speed, add lightness."

Alan Mulally was the head of Boeing's Dreamliner project. This plane is made of composites to add lightness and therefore fuel efficiency. He is now CEO of Ford Motor Company. How long will it take him to translate composite technology to making cars. To those of you who equate weight with safety, search YouTube for "Kubica Montreal". While you are YouTubing, search for "Amory Lovins, Charlie Rose".

To those who think the recent gas price increases are outrageous and a greedy scam by the oil companies, Google "Matt Simmons".

Cars like Escalades and Hummers and manly pickup trucks are the badge of the conspicuously ignorant. Why worry about the world they will leave to their children? Enjoy that powerful overweight car now. At the risk of putting a political slant on it, I am outraged when the Right wags their finger at the Dems for being "tax and spend" Liberals. Do the Right thing and shift the cost to the kids. Keep taxes low now and let the kids pay them later.

One last thing. Let's help the folks who need help. The Saudis pump about 10,000,000 barrels a day. A barrel goes for about $135. That is $1,350,000,000 a day! Their Sovereign Wealth Fund can then buy America.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Or we can keep the vehicles we have and pump our own oil. Families with more than one or two children need larger vehicles. Have you ever driven a small, light car through 12 inches of snow? It's not fun.

sheldon said...

I agree, Bill obviously hasn't driven a compact in snow let alone loaded with children. Size has little to do with it. It's how we power them that's the issue. If an truck or SUV was powered with hydrogen, I'm sure Bill would be driving one. Granted I agree that we do need to get away from oil but lets do ourselves a favor in the meantime and stop selling out to the Arabs.

Paul Zannucci said...

Here's the only electric car I'll own for now.