June 24, 2008

Teen Pregnancy-Blame it on Bush

There is no end to what people will blame on President Bush. The mayor of Gloucester, home of the alleged pregnancy pact, blamed the pregnancy outbreak at the high school on No Child Left Behind and cuts in school funding. I wouldn't be surprised if they start saying Bush posed as a homeless man and impregnated these girls himself.

Why didn't the mayor look a little closer to home for a place to lay the blame? Where are the parents of the parents to be?


Albert N. Milliron said...

Thank you for adding a link to my story on your blog. The old saying, getting published is easy, what difficult is for folks to quote you, or read your work.

Enjoyed the stories in your blog


Albert N. Milliron, Editor, Politisite

The Lonely Conservative said...

My pleasure, I believe I found the link to your site on Drudge Report.