June 25, 2008

Unalienable Rights

I was listening to the Mike Church show today and he had the author of the book, Unalienable Rights, Michael Lemieux as his guest. I have not yet read the book, but I certainly would like to.

Mr. Lemieux spent years researching the Constitution, our government and Supreme Court decisions before writing this book. Mike Church referred to the book as the "Physician's Desk Reference" for anyone who is concerned about the rights and freedoms our government has taken from us over the years.

The premise of the book appears to be that the Constitution does not grant rights to individuals, rather it was meant to set up a federal government and establish boundaries to restrain the federal government.
Our new government was to be created by the people, drawing its power from the people solely for the purpose of protecting those rights. As soon as the government turns to make unjust demands upon the people, or usurp power where it is not entitled, it is the right of the people to correct or abolish that government and start anew.

This book will most definitely be on my summer reading list.

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