July 13, 2008

Dan Maffei-bought and paid for by the far left

Dan Maffei is running for Congress in New York's 25th district. He's running a new commercial in which he says that his grandfather's little factory closed and one hundred Syracusans lost their jobs. He is going to "stay and fight" to make Syracuse a great place to live again.

He says in his commercial that people leave NY for jobs in other states. Yet he fails to see the connection between the liberals in NY and their policies which have caused businesses to close and people to move away. People don't leave New York to live in California, New Jersey or Massachussetts. They leave NY to live in states with low taxes, where people can still afford to do business.

Mr. Maffei likes to remind us that he grew up in Syracuse. He leaves out the part about him being in Washington DC for most of his adult life. He doesn't mention that the only reason he moved back from Washington was to run for Congress. He also fails to mention where all of his campaign cash is coming from. His donors include the likes of George Soros and Eliot Spitzer. That doesn't include the thousands given to him by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

His sales pitch about being a home town kind of guy is nonsense. The people weren't buying it the last time around. Let's hope they don't buy it this time.


sheldon said...

This guy is a puppet. Not to mention a clown as well. Can't you see the strings above his head? Not one of these younger polititians can think for themselves. They are just tools of the broken machine. Kind of like a terrorist sending a kid into a crowd with a bomb. The terrorist is too much of a sissy to do it themselves. Apparently shame is not in their vocabulary. And what's up with fiance? It must be the money she smells certainly not the looks.

The Lonely Conservative said...

You're right-he is a puppet. He doesn't seem to have an original thought in that big head of his-he just spouts the left wing talking points. What a buffoon!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the guy running against him (Dale Sweetland) is also a liberal tax and spend politician. The only differences is that he parades around as a Republican. I continue to believe that liberal Republicans are more dangerous to the Conservative movement than liberal Democrats. I won't vote for either one of these clowns.

The Lonely Conservative said...


There are many things to agree with Dale Sweetland on, including his position on drilling for oil here at home. As far as Dan Maffei, there's nothing there.

Are you voting for McCain or would you rather see Obama elected president? What's the difference?