July 27, 2008

Did 200,000 Germans really show up to see Obama?

The US media has led us to believe that 200,000 young Germans showed up on a Thursday to listen to the junior senator from Illinois give a speech. If it were true maybe it would be amazing. We've been hoodwinked again.

Hat tip to No Quarter for picking up on this. Those 200,000 Germans really showed up for free concerts by wildly popular German reggae singer Patrice and the pop band Reamonn. If a free concert wasn't enough, they also gave away free bratwurst and beer. Gee whiz, I may have gone to that!

Isn't it the job of the media to report events as they actually occur? How about this headline "Obama gives a speech during the intermission of a free concert in Germany". If the New York Times would report the truth, rather than their version of it, perhaps their readership numbers wouldn't be in such a free fall.

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Thomas said...

The media must not report the truth. If people hear the truth, then they may start to formulate opinions based on facts. In the end the truth only benefits McCain. The same thing goes toward government hand-outs. Have you ever wondered why the Democrats support welfare and other social-programs. It’s because they fear a self-reliant man. A self-reliant man is a free man, a free man is a self-aware man, and a self-aware man is a Conservative.