July 7, 2008

The Elephant in the Campaign

The great big elephant sitting in the middle of the presidential campaign barely gets any notice from the candidates or the main stream media. Barack Obama has said he likes high gas prices, he only wishes it had happened gradually. Well, all-righty then, thanks, Barry! John McCain has said he would be in favor of lifting restrictions on off shore drilling (but not ANWR) but he doesn't seem to be hammering the point the way he should.

What we do hear from the candidates is a lot of gibberish about global warming, green technologies and other mumbo jumbo that won't bring any relief to working Americans. We can look forward to increases in the price of gas and the cost of energy to heat and cool our homes. If they want a recession, they're on the right track!

The media must figure we all know how much we're paying for gas so there is no need to mention it very often. My local news station occasionally will tell us where we can buy gas for $4.23 per gallon instead of $4.30, which would be helpful if I didn't have to burn four gallons of gas to get there. But they make sure they give a lot of air time to A-Rod's marriage and alleged affair with Madonna. It's great to see they have their priorities straight.

Are the candidates or the media aware of the 1,292,121 Americans who have signed the American Solutions Petition to drill here, drill now and pay less? If so, do they care? Sadly, the candidates seem to care more about the humanity hating environmental lobby than they do about average American citizens. And the media is hell bent on making sure the American people don't place the blame where it belongs.


sheldon said...

Well... The Dems don't care because the think they have next year all wrapped up. NPR drove that point home this morning on my way into work. According to them there is no need to take any action because it makes no difference in the election. Wow What a bunch of .... well you know. The perfect example of what's really on the minds of our elected leaders. Hear that everyone???? Elected leaders. Yes, that means most of you have put us in this mess with your feeble minds unable to think for yourselves. This whole thing is so stinking rediculous!!!

The Lonely Conservative said...

It's so ridiculous that you don't know whether to laugh or cry!