July 29, 2008

Governor Paterson's Speech

Governor Paterson just delivered his speech on the local television stations. I was a little nervous at first, it began as what could have turned into a typical liberal speech. I held my breath, hoping the Governor would not be calling for tax increases to beef up the state coffers.

Governor Paterson did not disappoint, in fact I yelled "Woo Hoo!" when he said he was calling for an emergency session of the state legislature and the legislators vacations were coming to an end. He went on to state that, like New Yorkers, the government will need to learn to get by with less and we need to cut up our credit cards!

One thing the Governor said that may give some of us pause is that the government needs to act. As history has shown, government action often makes fiscal problems worse.

It remains to be seen if the dysfunctional New York State Senate and Assembly will do anything to balance the budget. It doesn't fit with their "spending for votes" way of thinking. But the Governor is going to give it a go and he should get credit for that.

Washington, are you listening?


Thomas said...

It's nice that someone is finally starting to get it. New Jersey's Governor has started talking about spending cuts. In Texas the only taxes we pay are 6.25 cents to the state and 2 cents local in the form of sales tax on general merchandise. There is no recession in Texas. Half of all jobs created in America are created in Texas. Gov. Perry has just stated that there is a 17 billion surplus. Unfortunately Federalism died in the past 40 years. The Federal Government will drag the entire nation through the mud. The nations Comptroller has said that America will be bankrupt in 30 years and what's weird is that they want to add Universal Healthcare. I'm pretty sure doomsday will come closer now. I wish our economic future depended on the state; I wouldn't be so worried if that was the case.

The Lonely Conservative said...

You should close your borders, to northern Democrats. They love to move to "red" states that have low taxes. Then they vote Democrat and the next thing you know you live in a high taxing, big spending state.

Thomas said...

Unfortunately the only way to close the border is succession. I'm an American first and a Texan second. Legally Texas does have a right to succeed. We were the only state that "legally" succeeded from the Union, but we were forced to rejoin under a new Texas constitution. Since we had the right in the first place, it should not have been taken away. When it comes to a influx of Democrats it can already be felt.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I've heard about Texas being able to secede. It's not a bad idea, just kick all the dems out first!