July 28, 2008

Hubris or Arrogance - Call it what you will Obama's got plenty of it

Junior senator from Illinois Barack Obama has returned from strutting around the world as if he owns it. Now that he's back state side he has directed his staff to start planning his transition. That's awfully presumptuous for the man who is only the presumptive nominee of his party. Talk about audacious! Has he forgotten that one must first be nominated as his party's candidate and then win the general election before taking office?

Perhaps press reports like No. 44 Has Spoken deluded him into believing that he's already the president-elect. With each passing day Senator Obama's ego grows ever larger. He believes the only way to solve the problems of the globe is his ascension to the White House. He believes that his few years as an Illinois state senator and his very brief stint as a US senator (most of which he has spent campaigning) qualifies him to serve as leader of the free world. Anyone who dares to mention that media hype and hope do not entitle him to the presidency is attacked as mean spirited and playing dirty politics.

Rex Murphy said it best in Obama's Audacity of Hubris: "Yet, there he was on Thursday, acting in every way as if he were already president delivering, Urbi et Orbi, a proclamation. There was something almost glorious about the presumption: Call it the audacity of hubris. There was also and equally something very reckless about it. The only set who seem more enraptured than a good part of the U.S. media about the Obama campaign is the Obama campaign and the candidate himself."

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