July 30, 2008

Life in NY

Tonight I took the kids to Game Stop. My younger son received a game for his birthday that was defective so we went in to exchange it for a different game. One would think that wouldn't be a big deal. The problem is, I was returning a game purchased in Pennsylvania in a New York store.

The young lady who waited on us was very nice and pleasant but this was her first out of state return. Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax while New York has an 8% tax. There was only about a 50 cent difference, but I can't blame the girl for doing her job and balancing the books. After she made six phone calls and about twenty minutes she finally figured it out. The Sponge Bob game is much better than the Power Rangers anyway, so I suppose it was worth the headache.

That little event got me thinking, how does Pennsylvania manage with a 6% sales tax? What about Delaware? That state has no sales tax and Florida has no state income tax. Where is all of the money in New York going? Today Governor Paterson ordered a 7% spending reduction from all state agencies. Already counties are complaining that it will mean less money from Albany, so they may have to raise our taxes. Why don't they just stop spending so much of our money?

I think I'll move to Bikini Bottom.


sheldon said...

I absolutely agree with you. How can a state and our county (Onondaga) have such high taxes and be this broke? No wonder the gov't wants to bail out homeowners. They're just as bad if not worse with money. They're clueless. Pattersons good intentions will screw us in the end anyway.
I'm going to start running for President on-line now for 2012.

Thomas said...

You should move to Texas. We would love to take you instead of Dems. No state income tax, great economy with the lowest unemployment rate in America, great incentives if you ask me. If you moved to Texas you wouldn't be so "Lonely" anymore and you would have to change your name though.

The Lonely Conservative said...

There we have it! Sheldon will run for President, my family and I will move to Texas and Thomas will be the welcome wagon!