July 21, 2008

Like high gas prices? If so, vote Democrat this fall!

If you like high gas prices and hope they will go even higher, then by all means you should vote Democrat this November. With a Democrat in the White House and Democratic control of the Senate and the House there will be no stopping them!

The Democrats will do all they can do to make sure prices go up, up and away while they hope for magic fairies to fly in and create new sources of energy. They will block all attempts to explore for oil and build new refineries in the US.

Let's not forget about the cost of heating our homes. They'll block any new nuclear power plants or exploration and drilling for natural gas. But don't worry, the polar bears will be happy.

Just in case you don't like high gas prices, sign the American Solutions petition telling them you want to drill here, drill now and pay less.

1 comment:

Zorro said...

Not their problem. We pay for their gas, and their home heat will be paid by their buddy Hugo Chavez. Where is Caligula, now that we need his horse in the Senate?