August 6, 2008

GOP Revolt Day Four

Wednesday August 6, 2008

House Republicans were at it again today, calling on Nancy Pelosi to cut her book tour short and come back to Washington for an up or down vote on the American Energy Act. Newt Gingrich joined them and, according to the Politico, he said that relying on foreign oil is bad foreign policy, economic policy and environmental policy.

John Boehner's blog has been posting updates every day. Today's quote of the day came from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). “There is nobody doing more to help the OPEC nations than the Democrat leaders. We are helping grow these sharks who want to devour us.”

In the mean time, American Solutions reported that has sent an email to their donors telling them that progressives are losing this argument. If you haven't done so already, go to American Solutions and sign their petition to Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay Less.


sheldon said...

I hope they keep it up. It needs to be one for the history books.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Too bad for Nancy Pelosi Al Gore invented the internet. If he hadn't nobody would know what's going on down there!