August 9, 2008

Petition the FEC for Obama to cough up his birth certificate

Why won't Barack Obama produce a certified copy of his birth certificate? He's running for President of the United States of America. Shouldn't the people have the right to know if he is who he says he is? Are we to just hand him the keys to the Oval Office based on his word?

Mitchell Langbert created a petition to the FEC requesting that they verify Obama's citizenship and also clarify what US agency bears the responsibility of verifying the citizenship of candidates.


Did Obama fake his birth certificate?


sheldon said...

I'm sending that link to everyone I can possibly get it to and tell everyone else to go there and sign it. Petition signature #3251 comments are worth reading.

Thomas said...

The left keeps saying that there is no media bias against Republicans, but a few months ago there was lots of news coverage of the fact the McCain was born in Panama. No one wanted to touch the story of John Edwards until he confessed, but the New York Times wrote an article on McCain with no facts only assumptions.