May 2, 2010

What a Shocker: Charlie Crist Open to Voting for a Democrat Majority Leader

This didn't take long for the tan man former RINO.

The Hill: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (I) would not say Sunday which party he'd caucus with if elected to the Senate. 
Crist, who left the Republican Party this week to pursue an independent bid for the state's open Senate seat, said he would be open to voting for a Democrat as majority leader.
"I'll caucus with the people of Florida," Crist said during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

What a jerk.


Lisa said...

Hey, LC. Sorry you aren't feeling well :( Hackers are a pain in the caboose, glad you have this back-up, though!

The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks. The good news is that Jeremy is pretty much rebuilding the site, and after consulting with security experts, says the site will be virtually hack proof.

MK said...

How quickly they reveal themselves for they really are ey. But i say, go for it charlie, side with the democrats. They're going to be flushed down the toilet, so they might as well take you with them.

Kent said...

I've never seen a bigger whore/phony than Charlie Crist. The guy goes anywhere the political winds blow.