January 18, 2008

Barack Obama's Dream

Barack Obama recently talked about Ronald Reagan. He expressed admiration for the way Ronald Reagan was able to turn most of the country Republican after the misery of the Carter years. In his usual fashion, John Edwards blasted Obama for praising Ronald Reagan. I don't think John Edwards gets Senator Obama's strategy here.

First, he hopes that his praise of Ronald Reagan will convince Republicans and Independents that they could actually vote for a Democrat. You know, if he admires Ronald Reagan he's got to be okay. What conservative couldn't vote for a guy that admires President Reagan?

Here's the thing-Barack Obama wasn't praising Ronald Reagan's policies, he was praising his politics. There is a huge difference. He hopes to be the next Reagan, the Democratic Party's version of Reagan that is. He's banking on there being such a wide spread feeling of angst in this country that the overwhelming majority of voters will hear his lofty speeches and feel-good rhetoric and take those feelings with them into the voting booth. I have no doubt that he will get an enormous amount of free support from the media. If he's lucky his complete lack of experience will be overlooked and nobody will ask him what he is actualy hoping for. If he's lucky his promises of hope, unity and change will be enough to get him elected with a huge mandate.

Once elected he will feel free to move our country as far to the left as he desires. It could be the socialist utopia he's always dreamed of.

Let's just hope the voters don't fall for it.

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