January 21, 2008


Does anyone out there think about politics when grocery shopping? I know I don't, at least I never did until tonight.

I was in the checkout line, thinking about check out line kind of stuff. A young man came over to bag the groceries, which really makes me happy. So I was in a pretty good grocery shopping mood. The friendly clerk was scanning my groceries when she started talking about Iraq. She said she started to cry when she heard that a 21 year old soldier died. I said "Oh, that's sad". Then she snapped at me that she didn't want to talk about it or she would start to cry again. So I said "Sorry" because I certainly don't want to make the check out lady cry. Then she started rambling a bit and I decided it was best that I not speak anymore. I've never had a check out person get mad at me and I didn't want to start tonight.

Another time, I was at the hair dresser and it was only the first or second time she had done my hair. She started telling me all about the great movie she saw that weekend. It was "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore. She went on and on and I have to say it was sort of annoying. She's a nice girl and all, but come on. I'm not about to disagree with someone holding scissors that close to my throat. So I just kept my mouth shut. The funny thing that day was that it was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I think people should only talk about global warming when the temperature is above, say, 90 degrees.

The moral of the story is this: when you talk to strangers you should ramble about political things so they have a story to tell people later on.


ZORRO said...


The Lonely Conservative said...

"Duh" can be the new campaign slogan for the Dems. It's short and catchy and would fit nicely on a bumber sticker!

McMike said...

Hasn't there been a pattern of global warming and cooling throughout history without man's influence?

How does Buddy Al justify polluting the air with his jet he flies around in? I think his c02 emmissions from his mouth are worse than that of the cattle's flattuence emmisions that they want to tax (read that somewhere because it causes more global warming than automobiles).

Does anyone want Bill Clinton to just not talk anymore?
Sorry about any spelling mistakes. I worked until 4AM and never went to bed, and entertained my 3 year old today.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Check back a little later and I'll have something new!