January 29, 2008

Spitzer can you spare a dime?

Watch out for Democrats who are elected on the platform of "change". Just look at Eliot Spitzer. I can be critical of the New York Governor because I am one of the thirty six people in the state that didn't vote for him.

He blew into office promising sweeping workers' compensation reform. So, you ask, did he bring together a lot of experts and practitioners from the WC system to change the laws? Don't be silly! He brought together a bunch of politicians to change the laws. The experts predict that the only people that will be helped by these changes are the lawyers. Way to go, Eliot!

We've all heard about the governor's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Yeah, that went over well.

Spitzer's latest proposal is to give city children free college. Don't you just love all of the ways Democrats find to spend your money? While I'm paying for city kids to go to college, who is going to pay my kids' tuition?

I better start saving my change.

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