January 30, 2008

CNN Debate

It started out pretty boring but things got interesting toward the end.

Mike Huckabee made some good points and Ron Paul was exactly as I expected him to be. Romney did very well, but if you didn't watch the debate you probably won't hear much of what he said. McCain spent most of the debate attacking Mitt Romney, while comdemning Romney's "attack" ads.

Romney and McCain were asked about McCain's dirty little trick last weekend. Romney really put him in his place. We'll have to wait and see if it gets any air time whatsoever. They'll probably show McCain's response when he lied again with a great big smile on his face. Am I the only one out here who thinks John McCain is a hypocrite?


patti said...

The guy with the most personal money doesn't always win. The White House isn't for sale. Romney has had his share of "dirty tricks".Romney gets as much press as McCain does.He also has talk radio doing his dirty work for him.Rush and Hannity and the rest of them, are our "Right Wing Loons".We have them on the Left and we have them on the Right.Loons never do our party any good.I'm sure not going to have these crazy people tell me how to think or how to vote.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Just as I don't want the liberal medial, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats telling me how to vote.

patti said...

Does that mean that you will let Rush and those of the far Right tell you how to vote? I wont let anyone tell me who to vote for!!! Have you listened to Rush lately? He may need to go back on his meds.

The Lonely Conservative said...

No, I don't usually listen to Rush. I listen to Bill Bennett in the morning. He doesn't endorse anyone and you hear the positive and negative about each candidate. Then later I listen to Andrew Wilkow, and while I've listed to him he hasn't mentioned McCain. I only listen to each for about 10 minutes a day.