January 31, 2008

Republican Primaries

There's been a lot of talk lately about the crazy right wingers fracturing the Republican party for not jumping on the John McCain train. I keep trying to like the guy, I do, then I watch him in the debates and I either get turned off or riled up. I keep hoping he will flip flop on an issue or two. Maybe he could say "I was wrong about closing Guantanamo. I've given it a lot of thought and I previously hadn't considered the ramifications of giving Constitutional rights to terrorists." To change from the wrong position to the right position isn't a bad thing. He sort of flip flopped on the issue of immigration. After the McCain/Kennedy bill was defeated he was quoted as saying "If they want the f*&*ing fence, I'll give them the f*&*ing fence." I appreciate that, but couldn't he have been just a bit more gracious?

All of the old time, Washington elite Republicans are jumping onto McCain's bandwagon. I'm sure they believe he's the guy that can beat the Democrats in November. Maybe they're right. I'll vote for him if he gets the nomination. There are some things about him that I like. He's promised to keep the tax cuts permanent and I whole heartedly agree with his position regarding Iraq.

Just remember in the past what has happened when the elite Republican/Washington establishment candidates have been nominated. In case you've forgotten here are a couple examples.

Gerald Ford became President of the United States after Nixon's election. Ford was a moderate, and naturally, since he was the incumbent he was the establishment candidate. Conservative Ronald Reagan ran against Gerald Ford in the 1976 Republican primary. Ford won the nomination at the National Convention and went on to lose the general election to Jimmy Carter. Do I really need to remind anyone the fun of the Carter presidency?

Then came Bob Dole in 1996. He has a similar record to John McCain. Bob Dole is a war hero. In World War II he was hit by machine gun fire in Northern Italy. He was awarded two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for valor. He, too, served in the United States Senate. In 1996 Bob Dole was the moderate Republican "establishment" nominee. He went on to lose the election to Bill Clinton. What a blast that was!

Beware the candidate that is part of the Washington Republican establishment. Things don't always turn out the way you'd like.


patti said...

Crazy Far Right Wingers. If you don't agree with them, then you aren't conservative enough.I have been a Rep. for a very long time.I never remember this kind of hate being directed to one of our own before. I understand it though because I have a strong dislike for Romney. I don't trust this guy. He gives me a very bad feeling.I wish I could say that I would vote for him, but I don't think I can.
Much of your post is wrong.And when you say things like "he was quoted as saying"....I would like to know who heard him say it.I can throw around quotes all day long. I can make them up...or I can change them ...who would know? I am way too tired to list all the things I think are wrong with your post and I want to watch the
debate....It looks like they are playing nice tonight.It isn't fair to make Hillary be nice...she could pop something.

The Lonely Conservative said...

If I recall correctly he said it on the Senate floor. I can look it up. The reason a lot of people don't like Romney is that the media hates him and Hollywood hates him and they will do whatever they can to make you hate him. What's not to like? His success in life? I'd finally like to see someone who will run the government like a business, and treat the 300 million citizens like stockholders rather than little babies that don't know how to take care of ourselves. Have fun watching the debate, I got bored after about 10 minutes.

The Lonely Conservative said...

And I'll also tell you when I started to admire Mitt Romney. It was during the 2000 Olympics. I had never heard of the guy and knew nothing about him. I remember people talking about how brilliant he was. The Olympics Committee was a mess, there was corruption and waste. They couldn't get advertising and people had wondered if the Olympics would survive. Then this guy Mitt Romney came along and turned it all around. He wasn't political back then, at least not that I know of or had heard of. But I remember thinking that I wished that guy would run for president some day. I didn't know if he was Republican or Democrat. I was just impressed with what he had done.

patti said...

I don't know why you keep talking about Hollywood. I pay no attention to any of them. they are the Left Wing Nuts. We have them on the Left and we Have them on the Right. I think that the media is very pro Romney.I used to watch Sean Hannity alot. I tuned in last night just in time to hear Ann Coulter say that if it comes down to McCain or Hillary, she will vote for Hillary. I thought she was smarter then that.She was ranting on and on and looked like a fool. Newt came on after her and spoke with so much class and intelligence. He pointed out his differences with McCain, but he did so with class. He also would not say who he is behind yet. I think, by the way he speaks of Huckabee, it is probably him.In the end he said he will not have a problem voteing for McCain. He will work to get him elected.

The Reps. can win this thing in Nov. as long as the far right doesn't split the party. If that happens....say hello to Pres. Clinton....Or maybe President Obama. Yeah that'll teach them!!! The far Right will be the ones to blame.

One more thing. My Christian belief is strong. I will never vote for anyone that has done a flip-flop on the abortion issue. McCain has always been Pro Life. It seems, that is of little importance to the so called conservatives.I remember when they cared. To bad.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I found this Catholic web site and the following article about Mitt Romney's stance on the life issue. http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=9369

I heard this morning that Susan Sarandon has been gushing about how much she loves John McCain. That doesn't bother you in the least?

patti said...

Anything the far left can say to cast more doubt on McCain they will do. They don't want to run against him.Everyone knows that Sarandon is a Far Left nut. who better to use? Did you happen to see Ann Coulter last night on Fox ?I'm sure that the last thing Hillary wants is Ann Coulter on her side. It's a game that they play and they think,perhaps, we dont know they're playing it.

I know that Romney has said that he has changed his position on abortion and gay marriage.
McCain has always been prolife. I really don't know if he has ever changed his stance on gay marriage. I tend to think not, but I'm not sure.

The Lonely Conservative said...

So if McCain's the nominee, you would want me to vote for him, right? I would because I know that sitting out the election would be like voting for the Democrat. So why wouldn't you vote for Romney? I would imagine he's far closer to your beliefs than either Hillbilly or Obama would be.

patti said...

I said that I didn't think that I could vote for Romney.It would be very hard to pull that lever. I think it's one of those things that you don't know for sure until you are right in the moment. The way it is looking right now,I probably wont have to make that choice. I'm still not going to be over confident though.
Romney was a real liberal not all that long ago. I have watched tapes where he talks about being pro choice. I have trouble with this guy.We'll see what happens.

The Lonely Conservative said...

He doesn't deny that there was a time he was pro-choice. He said that during the stem cell debate he had a change of heart. As a man with a wife with MS, I'm sure he gave the whole embryonic stem cell issue a great deal of thought. I remember hearing how it could cure anything, so why wouldn't someone with MS think it could help her? To me, to come out of that issue on the side that he did takes character and morals that we don't see in a lot of politicians. And no, I have not heard him bring up his wife's illness about this debate, I just think it's something he probably thought about.

Milo said...

Thanks for letting me vote! I have always found that picking the "best looking" candidate works best for me. That's why I'll be voting for Ron Paul.

Hang in there, and keep up the good work :-)

The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks, Milo! Good luck to your handsome candidate!

patti said...

embryonic stem cell research could probably have helped me in the past and likely could in my future.However, I can not now, or ever be in favor of it. Looks like it won't be an issue anyway with the skin cell discovery.