February 7, 2008


This is what Barack Obama said today about Mitt Romney's graceful exit from the GOP primary:

"Well my reaction to Mitt Romney's comment that's the kind of poorly thought out comment that lead him to drop out," Obama said on his campaign plane. "It's a classic attempt to appeal to people's fears that will not work in this campaign. I think that's part of the reason he was such an ineffective candidate."

He was talking about Romney's comment that he wanted the Republicans to unify and not allow the Democrats to take control and "submit to terror."

Here's a news flash for you BO: There are terrorists who want to kill all of us. They don't care about your party registration. They want to kill all of us because we are Americans! They want to erase all governments and replace them with a world wide caliphate! Do you actually think that with comments like that you will get Republicans to vote for you? Grow up! Please pull your head out of the sand!

Oh yeah, and go ahead and bomb Pakistan, you idiot! That's just what we need. Start a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Get a clue.


patti said...

I was just on another blog and I want to share this with you because it tells us alittle something about the man that could be President.

Jill Stanek writes

I testified before Obama twice when he was State Senator, about my experience holding a live aborted baby boy until he died. Obama proceded to not just vote against a bill that would have protected live aborted babies from being Shelved in hospital Soiled Utility Rooms to die, but he was the sole verbal opponent against it on the Senate floor.
Obamas wife sent out a fear-mongering fundraising letter on behalf of her husband after President Bush signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. He also opposed the Parental Notification Law.

This guy thinks he can pull in some republicans.

I am unaware of a more grisly practice - Suctioning the brain out of a patially delivered late term baby. Collapsing the skull, and then completing the delivery.

The Lonely Conservative said...

He has a perfect, 100% liberal rating. This is the guy Oprah Winfrey calls brilliant. I think it's disgusting.