February 8, 2008

Can't Say Liberal

No one mentions it. Not the Democratic candidates, not the media. Never mind that Barack Obama was rated the number one liberal in the Senate (Hillary came in at 16). When it was mentioned to Obama's campaign they replied that he doesn't like those sorts of labels and it's meaningless. Oh well, there you have it. Let's just call him a moderate.

On the Republican side they all argue over who is more conservative. On the liberal side they never mention the L word. The far left must be satisfied that both candidates are sufficiently liberal, so it's a non-issue. Sometimes they like to call themselves "progressive". That's got a nice ring to it.

Progressive: adj. moving forward, advancing by successive stages tending to improvement: favoring reforms, or encouraging the adoption of new methods and inventions.

It's pretty amazing how many people are buying into all of that. They want to move forward (to socialism) by successive stages (so nobody will really notice). Sure, they want reforms and new methods (of income re-distribution, that is). The real kicker is the end of the definition. If they have their way there certainly will be no more inventions. They may want to switch back to calling themselves liberal.

I saw an Obama rally on TV today and as usual he drew a large crowd. The people looked normal enough, but I just have to wonder if they really have any idea what they are voting for. They love the words hope and change, that's good enough for them. I checked out his website and he says lots of nice warm and fuzzy things. But the more I read the more I believed that he wants to turn us into France. You know, because France is really good at taking care of it's people. They only work about 35 hours a week and get tons of paid vacations, especially when it's really hot outside. In fact, things are so good that all of the workers were vacationing during the heatwave of 2003. Unfortunately for the elderly, nobody was around to look out for them and about 14,800 died that summer. Is that the promise of socialism?

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