February 9, 2008

If It's So Bad Here Go Home!

I have to admit, over the past week I've lost a bit of my excitement about the upcoming election. So I thought I would see if I could find an interesting article or two from other sources to post.

I found one whose title said something about how great America is. I thought, that must be good. Boy, was I wrong. It was written by a woman who is an English citizen living here in the US. She started out by saying that Europeans love and admire Americans. That was my first clue that she was full of BS. Then began her two paged rant about how President Bush has taken away all of our rights. She cries for all of us because of the Patriot Act and wire tapping. She wishes she could vote to make sure the Democrats put an end once and for all to this abuse of our rights!

Isn't that so typical of liberals? They just put all of the BS out there, the media goes along with it and people fall for it. Come on, do you know anyone whose phone calls George Bush has listened to? Do people really think the government cares what regular people like us are reading in the library? Of course they don't, they just hate George Bush and they like giving terrorists Constitutional protections.

To the woman who wrote that article I say - "Hey Lady! If it's so bad here then get the hell out! Go home and don't come back!"


Josefrommassepequa said...

If you are looking for some interesting reading checkout Paulitics

The Lonely Conservative said...

I checked that out, not really my cup of tea.