February 23, 2008

The Democrat Divide

I may actually watch the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama next week. Obama's campaign sent out some mailers criticizing Clinton on health care and NAFTA. Hillary's claws are out and she has compared Obama to George Bush and Carl Rove. (Note to Hillary: Bush isn't running.)

Recent polls show that many Obama supporters are now saying that they would not support Hillary and vice-versa. This is certainly good news for Republicans. The longer the Dem's primary drags out, the uglier it's going to get. The uglier it gets, the more divided the party will be. If the super delegates decide the nomination we'll see even more problems for the Democratic Party. What are half of the Democrat voters supposed to do in November?

That's where Ralph Nader comes in. I heard this morning that he may be announcing his candidacy as an Independent. We should all send him a few bucks to help finance his campaign. RUN RALPH, RUN!!!

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