February 22, 2008

Obama's Manifesto

If you listen to some of Barack Obama's lofty speeches you will find that on occasion he will throw in a few of his grand plans for our country. He rails against the Corporations and CEO's for their grotesque profits at the expense of the poor workers. Google "Communist Manifesto" and replace the word "Bourgeois" with Corporation or CEO or simply "The Rich" and some of what he says is eerily similar to the words of Karl Marx. It's quite frightening to me.

Liberals are much more in tune with the Communist Manifesto than even I had dreamed, until I read in it's entirety the Communist Manifesto. Much of it sounds like the Democrat Party platform.

Here are just a few examples: Marx wanted to abolish private ownership of property. The Supreme Court in the Kelo case (5-4 decision, the conservatives lost that one) made it okay for someone's property to be taken away for the good of the majority. Marx wanted to abolish countries and nationality. Just look at the current immigration debate, Obama thinks we should all learn Spanish. Marx wanted to abolish the family. We all know the liberal view of the traditional family. Marx was for the common interests rather than the individual. That sounds familiar-can you say "National Health Care". He wanted a heavy progressive or graduated income tax. Does that ring any bells? Marx was all for "free love". Need I say more?

These people scare me. They should scare all of us.

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