February 17, 2008

It's Already Begun

I knew it wouldn't take long for the MSM to turn on John McCain. On the front page of this morning's Syracuse Post Standard is an article titled "So this is what it looks like when the maverick becomes The Man." The article was written by Mark Leibovich of none other than the New York Times. I found it interesting that it was presented as news on the front page, rather than placed in the opinion section.

The artice begins by letting us know how uncomfortable and bland John McCain was in his "fancy-pants" front-runner's plane. It then said that the discipline needed by a front runner is unnatural for McCain. Leibovich writes "But now he is in the midst of an at-times awkward transition-from being one of the most disruptive figures within his party to someone playing it safe, not to mention trying to make nice with Republicans he clearly despises and who feel similarly about him."

The article was continued on Page 8 and the headline at the top reads: "Will John McCain's temper get the best of him? Formidable obstacles, himself among them". It goes on to point out McCain's age, his temper, his lack of experience on the economy and so on. On his relationship with the media Leibovich says "He has charmed the news media with his quippy and accessible style, and made his political name as a party renegade. But being on top with a growing staff, greater scrutiny and all the 'best behavior' that demands does not necessarily play to his strengths."

Basically, the article tells conservatives that they are hated by McCain and it tells everyone else that he has a really bad temper and cannot control his own actions.

I'm afraid the long honeymoon McCain's had with the press has come to an end.

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patti said...

The MSM [as far as I can remember] has never been very kind to any conservative. There would be the same kind of reporting no matter who was on the Rep.ticket.
They hate this Predident and the republican party.
Anything negative that is said about McCain in the New York Times.. I consider a plus. Thank goodness they don't like him.
Everything you mention that is said about him..is why Many of us like him so much. what you see is what you get. If some don't like it they should vote for a dem. They will tell you anything you want to hear.
Reagan was older and they gave him a hard time about it.They were really hard on him for many reasons. He was Dem. turned Rep.and he was an actor, to mention a couple.
Its what they do, it doesn't bother me. The only thing that bothers me is when I hear people like Rush say he would rather vote for Obama than McCain. Or the other idiot Ann Coulter saying she is going with Hillary. Are these conservative republicans? I see where they are suffering some back lash and I couldn" be happier.