February 16, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Congress was very busy this week. They had important hearings about some old steroid use of a baseball player. I wonder how much that cost. I'll bet it was a lot. But don't worry. They saved money by doing nothing about letting the Protect America act expire, so really it's a wash!

We all know that baseball and steroids is far more important to the American people than the ability to listen in on Osama's iPhone calls. He dosen't really mean any of us any harm. The only thing they may miss is him inviting all of us to become Islamic extremists. And anyway, he's just a guy and we really should offer him Constitutional protections. If we ever capture him we certainly don't want any conviction turned over on appeal.

So rest easy America. Before Congress went on vacation they were busy doing the important business we sent them there to do.


Roger Clemens said...

I would like to thank congress for approving my request for a hearing. I would also like to thank the Republican party for believing my side of the story. I don't what was wrong with the Democrats. They were really hassling me. Don't they know I'm a famous baseball player? I would have autographed something for them.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent use of congressional resources was the Senate's investigation into the New England Patriots using spy tactics. They apparently only want the enemies of the U.S. to spy. I know I feel a lot safer now. Thank goodness for the trial lawyers to protect the Osamas from those evil phone taps.