March 31, 2008

If you want just one good article to read today, read this (unless you're a big liberal). Bret Prelutsky makes the case that liberalism is a mental disorder.

If you are a big liberal and you're looking to move to a totally communist country I highly recommend this article. It offers a glimpse into the utopia known as North Korea. Thanks, but I'll take capitalism any day.

If you still don't believe that Obama is a big fat liar, read this. Maybe you'll change your mind.

Big bad oil company executives are going to take some flack when they testify before Congress on Thursday. Why don't we make lawmakers testify about high gas taxes and their refusal to let oil companies drill on our own soil? Just think how many jobs they could take from overseas and bring home.

Needless to say, NY lawmakers again have failed to deliver an on-time budget. On the positive side, there is finally some bi-partisan agreement in Albany. They all like the idea of increasing the per-pack cigarette tax to $3.00. Don't they understand that the more they increase the tax, the more people turn to the internet or Native American stores for their smokes? Duh.


Shaman Wind said...

The fault in your argument is that legislators know there is an internet and/or Native Americans. LOL.
One must have attended a school where they teach facts to understand reality. And I doubt that college still teach economics based on the national legislation being presented.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I'm sure the politicians don't want Americans understanding how the economy works!