March 31, 2008

Don't Worry About Social Security

To hear some people talk, there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the fiscal health of Social Security.

This piece in today's Syracuse Post Standard perfectly sums up that position. It was written by newspaper editors, so it's got to be reliable, right? These guys take the argument even further by noting that any potential fixes could actually make things worse. (Can't that be said of anything the government touches?)

For liberals, socialists, progressives and any other cradle-to-grave mentality folks, there really is nothing to worry about. Come on, all they need to do is raise taxes. Voila! Problem solved! Plus, they promise to only raise taxes on victimizers: the rich, investors and corporations who have plenty of money to spare. So what?

You know what, they're right. If you dream of living in a socialist country, your dream can come true without ever having to leave the good old US of A. Congratulations!

Oh, just forget about it. Who is John Galt?

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